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Liddell honoured in England

The National Football Museum has bestowed Billy Liddell with the greatest honour there is in the English game by inducting him into its Hall of Fame. The Scottish Football Association inducted Billy Liddell into Scottish football's Hall of Fame in November 2008 after a powerful campaign by the Billy Liddell Memorial Group so now the Scotsman has been honoured on both sides of the border. The induction ceremony takes place at the National Football Museum on 19th of October.

In honour of King Billy

Billy Liddell who Bob Paisley stated "would be beyond price in any era" had a memorial plaque revealed at Anfield 11 years ago today.

When Billy met Barnes!

Billy Liddell and John Barnes played a total of 941 games and scored 336 goals for Liverpool in 1946-1960 and 1987-1997 respectively. Read about the meeting of two of the greatest left-wingers in Liverpool's history.

A tribute to Billy from Maccakhan on RAWK forum

An absolutely lovely fella. I was fortunate enough to meet him on several occasions, he lived not far from me, but to be honest I didn't know who he was for a long time. I wasn't old enough to have seen him playing but knew him as Mr William Liddell. Being a bit stupid I didn't shorten the William to Billy, only when I was told who he was! Anyway I remember speaking to him and his wife, who introduced him to me as a retired accountant! I looked at her in amazement! This was Billy Liddell, not some accountant!!!!

I remember Billy looking at me and he gave me a wink and a smile, he could see my amazement at him being described as a retired accountant and my reaction to it. A really lovely fella and a true gentlemen. PS his wife was a lovely lady too. Very modest and respectful couple.

10 years ago - RIP Billy!

Undoubtedly one of the greatest players ever to wear the Liverpool shirt, Billy Liddell, passed away on 3rd July 2001. Read this fantastic tribute to him by Tony Barrett. RIP Billy!

A nice story about Billy - the gentleman

During the season 1953/54 I was living in the tenements of Glasgow (The Gorbals) and my father who was a merchant seaman and ran the Atlantic Convoys during the war 1939/43 and would often sail into Liverpool before coming up to Glasgow for R&R during those war-time years where he met my mother, and my earliest recollections of meeting the great Billy Liddell was when my father met and struck up a friendship with Billy and he came to our house in that room and kitchen in Glasgow. At the time there was 7 of plus my mother and father and I can remember this very smartly dressed person and my curiosity over all those years and especially lately when I discovered that 1953/54 was a particularly difficult season for Liverpool Football Club. I was often full of wonderment that that man could be so humble as to come and visit what was very grim accommodation at the time. I can, therefore, understand that people could say so many good things about him both on and off the pitch. - Reg Isaacson

Billy in color

JK Williams sent us a few classic pictures of Billy Liddell which he has colorized. Click here to view his efforts.

When the Christians ate the lions

Wooltonian has published a new article on his favourite subject Billy Liddell as this week marks the 9th Anniversary of the passing of "King Billy". Click here to read Wooltonian's excellent piece.

Memorial unveiling

Billy Liddell Memorial Group finally reached its goal when the Billy Liddell Memorial cairn was unveiled on 22nd of May 2010 in the Billy Liddell Sports Complex, Townhill, Scotland. Click here for photos from this tremendous event.

Billy Liddell statuette

RCL Sporting Ceramic Icons have created a beautiful figure of Billy Liddell. This limited edition fine bone china figure stands ten inches high, is hand painted and the base has a marble effect finish. Click here for more info.

A message from Mal Liddell, Billy's son!

"Its now in my 59th. year I am realising what my dad meant to many people. As a young child there was the journey to town I remember when just about everyone we passed acknowledged him. I always thought he knew loads of people, and didnt really know he was such a footballing icon. In this day with the massive salaries afforded to todays footballers the idea of playing the game for the love of it and the loyalty one might associate to one team is not as apparent as when my Dad played. The journey man footballer is all too apparent today. which really brings it home to you when you consider my Dad only ever played for Liverpool. It is superb that his memory still lives on."

Liddell dropped by Liverpool

On the 18th of October 1958, 36-year-old Billy Liddell was dropped by Liverpool for the first time in his career. This was unheard of and created much anger among Liverpool's followers and the press. Read here.

Bob Paisley's opinion on Billy Liddell

Bob Paisley joined Liverpool in May 1939, 10 months after Liddell had moved from Scotland to Liverpool. They built a friendship that lasted a lifetime. Read here.

Interview with Rena Liddell

We are proud to feature an interview with Billy Liddell's sister, Rena.
She gives us a great insight into her brother Willie as she calls him.

Billy Liddell Memorial Group

Visit the website of Billy Liddell Memorial Group whose objective is to have a lasting memorial to Billy erected in his home village of Townhill.

The launch of today launched when Billy would have celebrated his 87th birthday. has been in good contact with Rena Liddell, Billy's only sister, since February 2008 and received priceless photos and press cuttings from Billy's life and times. Along with a collection of quotes and articles we hope this website will do King Billy justice.

King Billy quote

Top five goals would be Brann Bergen, the first leg in Norway, the UEFA Cup Final against Alaves for what it meant. The overhead kick at Charlton for what that meant, the diving header against Aston Villa in the FA Cup semi-final. I could go on all day here so I’ll pick seven! The free-kick against Man U at Anfield, the one against Schmeichel in Cantona’s comeback at Old Trafford. A goal against Leeds at Elland Road, not the best goal as it was a tap in but it was my first goal for Liverpool at Elland Road. I loved scoring against Everton too!

Robbie Fowler picks his top five goals for Liverpool

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