Liddell bursts the ball and misses a pen!

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This game came right at the end of Billy's career. He only went on to make 6 further appearances after this Huddersfield game on 19th March 1960. Liddell's kick burst the ball after only four minutes of play. He made a goal for Dave Hickson after 13 minutes. Tommy Leishman added another only three minutes later. Liverpool were 2-0 up, but allowed Huddersfield to equalize 2-2. Liddell could have scored Liverpool's third from the spot, but his thunderous shot rebounded off the upright and the ball ended up in the middle of field. Such was the power of Liddell's kick!

King Billy quote

"Believe me, my eyes were here, there and everywhere. I recognized some of the famous players of those days, and Eric Patterson named those I couldn't identify. I recognized Matt Busby, Jim Harley, Phil Taylor, Berry Nieuwenhuys, Jack Balmer, Tom Cooper and several others, mainly because I had seen their pictures in the papers from time to time."

Liddell was overawed in his first day of training at Liverpool

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